by admin

photoMy daughter Fiona is quite the glamour girl.  I am constantly amazed at the amount of time she spends doing her hair, make-up and nails EVERY SINGLE DAY! It is unreal!  She gets up extra early to look fabulous for school.  I swear I was never that child…ever.

Based on the amount of time and energy she puts in every day she should look fabulous and she DOES!  For example, today she had on a a lovely hot pink skirt with a cute jacket.  Her fashion sense is unreal for her age and I can only hope that she takes this talent of hers and runs with it.

On the flip side her room is a constant mess, her bathroom is cluttered with irons, make-up, curlers, towels, barrettes, etc. etc. and at any given time there are several outfits laying all over the room as they failed the fashion test for school that day.  I dare not ask her to hang up the clothes anymore as she just takes them and shoves them in the dirty clothes basket even though they have never been worn.  As a result I end up picking them up and hanging them instead of spending several more hour hours a day doing all the additional laundry which was never even laundry to begin with….Ahhhhh the joys of being a mom!  Good times and she is only 11!