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305545_390031281036621_361625270543889_1178650_852385064_n I’m getting on stage in New Mexico for the first time ever!  No not as Roxi Starr but as an improviser!   I’ll be improvising with one of my all time favorite performance partners, Kathleen Fontaine and a couple of cool cats, Ron and Zach.

I LOVE to improvise, teach improvisation or watch improv – totally in my blood for over 20 years and I always welcome the opportunity with open arms.   Improvising as an actor is like a body builder going to gym for a workout.  It keeps our actor selves in shape and on our tippy toes.

Kathleen and I feed off of each others’ energy.  Being on stage with her is no different than the two of us hanging out on any other day EXCEPT people are paying to see us…..and it’s totally worth it!

If you are in the neighborhood and want to laugh til you pee your pants then get your butt to the Starlight Lounge!