by admin

photo-124Every year we test our children’s stomachs.  We watch them eat multiple chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, starbursts, chocolate kisses…..basically anything under the sun that has sugar in it.  Then we wait.  Are they going to meltdown, throw up, break into a rash or spontaneously combust.  It’s really a gamble and a test of the strength of their stomach…and their will to eat SUGAR!

Yep it’s a crap shoot.  But are we going to give up finding baskets, searching for tons of eggs in our yard all while shoving chocolate bunnies in our face while doing it?  Hell no!  You’re only a child once!  We like to enjoy our Easter to its fullest!  A little sugar never hurts anyone!  Stuff your face!

I am happy to report that my children had several highs and several lows but eventually all of the children were able to fall asleep without too much trouble.  To me that is a successful Easter.  Hope yours was equally as successful :)