by admin

IMG_0358I have a serious problem with snotty noses.  I always have.  If I see a kid with a snotty nose it makes me crazy. I think to myself, “Why isn’t that parent digging deep in there and pulling that booger out?”  It is your job as a parent to keep your kids nostrils clean.  If you don’t they get crusty and gross or the kid ends up picking it and playing with it or just plain eating it.  Not sure which is worse…..

My kids have been conditioned.  When they see me looking at their nostrils they run as fast and as far as they can.  They know I am ready to go in for the big dig.  Seamus has the biggest boogers I have ever seen in my life.  I think part of it is due to the fact that he NEVER breathes out of his nose.  I’ve asked the doctor and everything is fine in his nose he just breathes out of his mouth.  By closing off his nostrils he collects a ton of stuff in there to create enormous booger patties.  The booger patties get so big that you can see them and that’s when they start to drive me crazy.

Usually I have to involve some type of bribery involved because he has come to hate me digging in his nose.  BUT….once I pull out the large booger, he can breathe in and breath out without any obstruction and I think he kind of likes it (as does his brother Liam because Seamus doesn’t snore for a day or 2)…..until 4 days later when the next booger patty emerges from his nose.  Ahhh…..the joys of motherhood.