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photo-117Bonding is a cool thing.  It can be kids, adults, animals….whatever.  I know one thing Liam has missed since moving is the ties he had with all of his buddies.  In our family the boys are a tad different than the girls in the sense that they can keep coming up with things to do together without conflict.  Girls tend to be a wee bit more high maintenance.

This week Liam’s cousin Sean came in for a 5 days from Chicago.  He was on spring break and wanted to come visit us.  First off, he is one of the nicest, easiest going kids to have around.  A total pleasure to have as a guest.  Liam was beside himself with excitement as this was the first visitor he had ever had in New Mexico.  These boys had a serious agenda that included going to the movies, rock climbing (complete with a visit from a mountain lion), hiking and paintballing.  It was so cool to see them do their boy bonding thing and enjoy each other’s company immensely.  I’m sure they would agree that it was a super fun visit.

So if you have a boy between the ages of 10 and 14 I’ll take them for a few days.  Just make sure they’re polite, courteous and nice to the other kids in the house.