by admin

IMG_0321Girls are fun.  Girl parties are even more fun.  It really doesn’t matter what girls do when they get together.  Whatever it is it ends up being fun.

Fiona turned 10 this year.  Double digits.  We went round and round as to what we were going to do.  She just wanted to have all the girls over to hang out.  Hmmmm……hang out for 4 hours with tacos and cake……it sounded like it could get boring fast.  I like to have an agenda or project of some sort to keep everyone engaged.

Finally I came of with the idea of making music videos.  Even though it was an awesome idea I was pretty sure it was going to get shut down as anything I suggest to my now 10 year old is a bad idea, mostly because I suggested it.  Low and behold she loved it!

Once we knew it was a go she picked 4 pop songs and we were ready to rock out.  When the girls arrived Fiona presented all the rules to the music video game in a power point presentation.  Apparently she wanted to be very clear about what was going on.  We had 4 songs, props, and everyone’s creativity.  We picked names out of hat and the girls started creating their original videos.  Their ideas were off the charts and the girls had a blast.  We set up a huge stage on the deck complete with spot lights and a disco ball. Good times!

I think the parents may have thought I was a little off when they arrived but the girls loved it.  Another successful girls party!  Woo-hoo.  I have a feeling this could be the last year they let me participate.