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photo-112So from all of the research I have done prior to moving to Albuquerque I have learned that their schools rank 48th in the country.  Apparently they’re not so good.  BUT, you have to keep in mind that the statewide scores are based on an average and every school is different and comes from different economic bases.  I have decided that instead of having a bake sale and trying to raise $15,000 a year per child until they all go to college (approximately $580,000) for the local private schools, we have decided to keep our kids in the Albuquerque Public School System.

I won’t bore you with the details of our research of finding the best school for us but what I will say is that the schools we ended up choosing, Double Eagle Elementary and Desert Ridge Middle School have really surprised me.  From the day I walked into register I have been nothing but impressed by the staff, the facilities and the overall commitment that these schools have to making the educational experience a fun and positive.  The projects, after school and morning programs (cooking class, tai chai, community service club, spanish lessons, homework club, etc. etc.) and overall daily fitness routines are fantastic.

With all that being said there is a really neat project that the 2nd graders do this year which is called Boxville.  For an entire week the the kids set up and work in Boxville, USA where they all play different business owners, politicians and key players in the community. They are all given play money and they pay taxes, patronize each other businesses and hopefully head out to the bakery for a treat every once in a while.  The idea is they learn how to work together as a community.  What a cool idea!

The idea is super great BUT trying to find my “fridge box” for Boxville was another story.  For two weeks now my friend Kathleen and I have called every appliance store between here and Santa Fe.  I have spent a good portion of that time harassing Nancy from Lowes.  I’ve called her so many times that I think I finally broke her down.   When I called last Thursday she said “Ok, I have an idea….I have 2 range boxes.”  I thought 2 range boxes is better than no box at all.  We picked them up, stacked them and now we have a home for Kiley’s Bakery.  Not only have I made Kiley happy but I have also stopped calling Nancy…..or at least until Seamus goes into 2nd grade.