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photo-111I feel as though I have hit the neighbor jackpot.  Yes, I am talking about my actual neighbors that live in MY new neighborhood!  Go figure!  Most people say, “Fences make good neighbors” or “I can’t stand my neighbors”….and yes,  this is true in many neighborhoods but not mine.

The second day I was in my house I met Colleen, Jason and their adorable 3 year old Joleen.  They were moving in at the exact same time.  What are the chances???  They have proven to be fun, cool and super quality people.  They like hiking, biking, climbing, chilling, shopping, eating and drinking….not to mention there’s no neighbor drama.   Isn’t that what you look for in a neighbor?  Well I got it all.

Then the 5th day I was in my house a girl came walking by with a stroller.  We had passed each other while driving but this was the first time we got to meet each other face to face.  We were both bubbling with excitement as we had both been dying to meet each other.  I was excited about having yet another cool chiclet in the neighborhood and she was excited because she noticed our Maryland plates which is where she was from.  Once again, a random coincidence.  We started chatting in the driveway and hour later my alarm went off which meant it was time to get the kids.  An hour went by in what seemed like 5 minutes.  Yes, another fabulous neighbor and her name is Mel.

photo-110Mel, her husband Tom and their 6 month old daughter Ema have also proven to be exceptionally awesome neighbors.  They also like to hike, walk, bike, eat and drink or just hang.  They live 2 houses to the right of us and they’re big fun!  Once again, how did I get so darn lucky.  Most people ride or walk through their neighborhoods without making eye contact, much less waving, or they never venture out in the hood for fear they might have to interact with other people.  Or they just keep their shades pulled down and they never look beyond.  Just for the record, I would interact with my neighbors in a heartbeat.

Not only is the adult interaction great but so are the kids!  My girls now have two young girls that they will essentially become little sisters to them.  They’ll have girls to dress up, read to and play school with.  As their mother I will have a constant baby fix so any possible urge to have another child will go away instantly!

So the moral of the day…..Not all neighbors suck (kid friendly version – smell like poo)  :)