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photo-108I love to shop.  Alone. By myself. Uninterrupted. I love my children….but not while I shop.

Shopping with kids is one of those things I only do when I’m in a really really really good mood (that changes quickly), I’ve made a promise or I am desperate.  No matter how you slice it, it always proves to be a painful experience on all fronts.  There are too many variables that make for an unpleasant shopping trip.  First, there’s the constant begging of “Can I get this?”, ” What about this?”, ” I REALLY want this!” and “You never buy us anything”.   Then there’s the losing a child which inevitably happens on every shopping trip and then of course the multiple trips to the bathroom which is always clear across the store.

Two days ago while having dinner all the kids started talking about how they need new gym shoes.  This is true, Seamus’ are a size too small and take 10 minutes to get into, Liam’s are ripped and dirty, Fiona doesn’t have “running” shoes and Kiley is on her 4th pair of gym shoe hand me downs.  The conversation ended with Kiley crying and saying, “I just want a pair of my own shoes that I pick out”.  Damn middle child….but she has a point.  So I broke down and said I would take them all to Kohl’s so they could get shoes and it would be an early birthday present.

They couldn’t help but talk about it all night until they fell asleep and then from the minute they got home from school until the minute we got to the store.  The trip was very successful with just a couple of glitches but luckily I was able to work them out.  I lost Kiley but found her, got a ton of “Are you crazy” stares from other moms shopping with their one perfectly behaved child, had to split the group twice for bathroom breaks, forgot my 20% off coupon, got 6 pair of shoes instead of 4, purchased a pack of 50 bracelets, 2 T-shirts, 2 watches and then ran like hell out of the store.  At some point they just break you down and all you can do is say yes if you want to get out without having a meltdown.

Bottom line everyone was happy and they all ran around all night in their new shoes.  Mission accomplished.  But just for the record, I would rather stick forks in my eyes than take four children to the store….any store.