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IMG_0300If you’re sick of moms writing or talking about poop, vomit and snot…well then maybe my blog isn’t for you. As a mother, at least 10% plus of my life involves poop, vomit and snot.  I can’t help it.  Maybe if I had no children and was a cloister nun my life would be different but the chances of me ever being a nun are 1 in a million.

Seamus is now 5 but will be 6 in 2 months. It’s hard to believe.  I can see that he is maturing on some levels and on others he just doesn’t get it.  For example, he showed his butt while at the reading circle at school a few weeks ago.  I had to do a little Q and A as to where it is and isn’t appropriate to show your butt.  I think he gets it now and I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing anymore mooning until he gets to college….ok, maybe sooner.

On the other hand he now gets certain things.  Last night when I put him to bed he told me that his stomach hurt.  He was able to tell me where exactly the pain was and what he thought it was.  He was sure he had to throw up and knew to go into the bathroom and puke in the toilet.  About 6 months ago he would have said his stomach hurt and then would have proceeded to throw up all over the bed, carpet, wall and himself.  It would have been an hour long disgusting clean up which would have ended in me hurling afterward at the sight of all of the vomit.

Luckily, he vomited once which for a kid is basically a get out of school day pass.  The golden vomit rule is if your kid pukes you keep them home for 24 hours just to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  He never vomited again which was nice for both of us and he had the extra added luxury of having a one on one day with mom.  See all the goodness that can come out of one single vomit from the cutest boy in the world?