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IMG_0250I’ve been living in Albuquerque for exactly four months.  We’ve moved 3 times and have finally landed in the home that we will be living in for quite some time.  There is such a relief in knowing that I am here to stay and have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon.  I have cooked, baked, unclogged toilets, made friends, had parties, happy hours, playdates and I have even cleaned vomit up from the bathroom floor.  My new home now feels like a home.  It is one of the greatest feeling in the world.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

One of the most common things people said to me when I was moving was “I wish I could do that”.  That phrase really stuck with me.  It made me think about how I made it all happen.  I set an intention, put my mind to it and moved full speed ahead with out turning back.  Yes, I had moments of doubt but I trusted myself and my husband and together we embraced the change.  We were open to it….I think that may be the key.  With that being said I’d like to give the top ten reasons why living in Albuquerque in super cool.

  1. The people are really really nice…even my children notice it everywhere they go.
  2. You can walk around a museum during spring break and it’s not even crowded.
  3. I got front row tickets to see Bill Maher.  I could have touched him.
  4. Rock climbing camp is as common as basketball camp for kids.
  5. 310 days of sunshine a year….enough said.
  6. I can walk out my back door to a plethora of hiking and mountain bike trails.
  7. There’s a tram a block from my house that take you can take up the mountain straight to the chair lift.
  8. I can get green chili on whatever I want, anytime I want.
  9. No matter where I am or where look I have the most incredible views.
  10. I can get tickets to see Eddid Vedder in a 2,000 seat venue even after they’ve been on sale for 2 days. Awesome.

So there you have it.  So far so good…. But remember it’s all in your outlook.  Is your glass half full or half empty?  Mine is always half full, unless I am super dehydrated from living at at an altitude of 6,500 feet…then I drink it.