by Susan

DSCF3207I have been known to visit a psychic, have my cards read and dabble with homeopathic medicine but I have never experienced Romanian witchcraft.  Yes, I am talking about real live Romanian witchcraft.  I’m not kidding.  I experienced it first hand….and it blew me away.

While in Switzerland I noticed that my American friend Carrie had fallen ill.  She woke up dizzy, felt nauseous, had a headache and then had to drive in a car for an hour with 4 tightly packed women that were extra giggly and maybe a bit smelly after not showering for a day or two.  We all felt horrible for her but her choices were either stay home all day and all night alone or go and experience Switzerland.

After many twists and turns on a windy road we ended up in Gueryre, Switzerland.  It was such a sight that as we opened the doors and peered out onto the side of the mountain top we barely noticed that Carrie was white as a ghost and looked like she was about to hurl.  At this moment Mihaela said, “Hey girl, you don’t look so good, let me help you.”

Mihaela grabbed Carrie’s arm and started spitting on it.  Every time she spit she vigorously rubbed the spit into her forearm.  We all stood there in complete shock.  Eventually she stopped spitting and about an hour later she asked Carrie how she felt.  Carrie smiled and said, “I think I’m starting to feel better.”  So there you have it.  Romanian witchcraft really does work!  So next time your friend doesn’t feel so good, just spit on her.